Essays: Professor Acemoglu and Why Nations Fail

My next favorite author, Daron Acemoglu, an economist, is a professor at MIT since 1993. He ranked third in the list of "Favorite Living Economists Under Age 60" in a 2011 survey among American economists, behind Paul Krugman and Greg Mankiw. And I don't doubt this acclaim. He co-authored 'Why Nations Fail' with James A. … Continue reading Essays: Professor Acemoglu and Why Nations Fail

Essays: Professor Mauboussin’s Book Shelf

(photo by @mjmauboussin, twitter) My favorite author, Professor Mauboussin's bookshelf at Columbia Business School. He is teaching Security Analysis course for straight 26 years! I should have known him and his books much much earlier! Will they offer me a chance to attend his class? 🙂 Note, Jim Rogers also taught an Investment course in … Continue reading Essays: Professor Mauboussin’s Book Shelf