Essay | We’re a Crawl, Walk, Run Company – the Internet Bubble and Its Lesson Contemplated in Good to Great (Jim Collins, 2001)

"What rationale did people use to justify these rather extraordinary numbers? "New technology will change everything," the logic went. "The Internet is going to completely revolutionize all businesses," the gurus chanted. "It's the great Internet landgrab: Be sure first, be there fast, build market share - no matter how expensive - and you win," yelled … Continue reading Essay | We’re a Crawl, Walk, Run Company – the Internet Bubble and Its Lesson Contemplated in Good to Great (Jim Collins, 2001)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [8/9] – SWOT Analysis (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing 2. SWOT ANALYSIS: WHERE DO WE SEE OPPORTUNITIES? So far, we have looked into important dynamics of the technology in various facets. Due to its newness of the technology and confusion rising from unprecedented novelty, we had much more to discuss than expected. I believe by now, readers may have … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [8/9] – SWOT Analysis (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [7/9] – Frictions (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing  ■ Frictions in the Real World Even if Bitcoin itself is difficult to hack, there does exist potential for security risks at various stages of the transaction process. 98 Bitcoins are held in wallets and traded through digital currency exchanges. There are various security risks inherent in each of these … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [7/9] – Frictions (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [6/9] – Miners and Incentive Economics (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing ■ Miners Economics Becoming Miners (Nodes) Miners are a supportive and incentivized community that processes Bitcoin’s transactions and keep everything running smoothly 54 A node is a powerful computer that runs the Bitcoin software and helps to keep Bitcoin running by participating in the relay of information. Some nodes are … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [6/9] – Miners and Incentive Economics (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [5/9] – Mining Economics (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing (C) Technology Issues The technology space is getting matured but not yet ready for practical adoption due to its complexity and innate technological issues. "Bitcoin is created through an energy-intensive 'mining' process that uses high computing power to solve a complex mathematical equation, 'proving' that an 'anonymous miner' used the … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [5/9] – Mining Economics (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [9/9] – Promise, As-Is, and Closing (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing 3. PROMISE VERSUS AS-IS We are observing exponential technological progress made on top of exponential technology development today. For this reason, what the authors observed and saw as a promise may be different as of today. Out of many revolutionary promises the authors elaborated, my key interest and enthusiasm first of … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [9/9] – Promise, As-Is, and Closing (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [4/9] – Private Money and Leadership (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing CONTEMPLATION: SEEKING EVOLUTION OVER REVOLUTION The challenges the technology is facing internally and externally seem no small matters and, in certain aspect, it appears limitations far outweigh the potentials. In my opinion, there are a few fundamental issues that need to be addressed and cleared as "prerequisite conditions" before moving … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [4/9] – Private Money and Leadership (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [3/9] – Challenges (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing IMPLEMENTATION CHALLENGES The world looks very different under the blockchain revolution. In some aspects, they sound too good to be true. If this new future is a great leap-up from our current reality, - especially in terms of economic inclusion of billions of unbanked and excluded population from prosperity, of … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [3/9] – Challenges (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [2/9] – Ten Areas (Book Review)

Summary ->> Contemplation ->> Closing THE TRUST PROTOCOL The main virtues the authors derive from the blockchain technology are represented by two words: Trust and Truth. 'Trust' by which two or multiple parties who don't know each other transact the value(money) directly without relying on the existing 'trusted' third party. The technology's open and transparent … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [2/9] – Ten Areas (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [1/9] – Contents (Book Review)

  "Some scholars have argued that the invention of double-entry book-keeping enabled the rise of capitalism and the nation-state. This new digital ledger of economic transactions can be programmed to record virtually everything of value and importance to humankind: birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [1/9] – Contents (Book Review)

BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [Intro/9] – References

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BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [Intro/9] – Terminology

Much of the noise and confusion can stem from unclear terminology. Here I define terms in general context. Bitcoin: the bitcoin network protocol. name of a cryptocurrency. "Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that allows payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. The network … Continue reading BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION [Intro/9] – Terminology