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“Always Learning, Growing and Building Perspectives”

MBA. CFA candidate. Born in Korea. Studied/lived in France/Singapore. Speak English/Korean/Mandarin/French. A person with insatiable curiosity. A global mind. Traveled to more than 60 cities in 20 countries. Love books. Love vision. Love arts. Love sports. Love beautiful minds, too.

About this website:

“If I don’t go within, I go without.” When I was having a rather restless period in Singapore for a professional reason, my mind was also very much restless, but for other reason. In retrospect, I think I was at a boiling point for either toward a peak (like that of a mountain) or toward an evaporation (like that of air). I was then exactly at the point of “going without.”

That realization of my inner state of going without motivated me to delve into books from various disciplines along with trainings in finance and investment. Many years have passed and my quest to go within has ultimately helped me to expand my scope in many ways during the course. Also, my mental journey with books naturally led me to create this website to share what I have learned.

Certainly, I feel I am at another boiling point in my life at this stage. I don’t know how my intentions – to serve readers and leaders and to meet like-minded souls and book lovers out there – can be manifested in the future but I sincerely hope I contribute to readers who are keen on their self-growth through this amazing medium called books. I also hope any visitors enjoy my humble writings, be they long or short, and gain benefits, albeit small. Then I would feel very rewarded!

As the title of this website suggests, my book reviews here involve such subjects as business, leadership, strategy, economics, finance, investment, politics, history, philosophy, self-development, self-help, and spirituality.

Some tips for the visitors to my website and my writings:

  • The main coverage of the books is business.
  • My in-depth book review comprises mainly 3 parts: Summary, Contemplation and Closing. It’s in Contemplation where I share my ideas. Lastly, I am rating the book at the end of my review. For lighter topics, I am writing as short essays.
  • The perspective of the book reviews is that of leaders be they from business, government or any other sectors.
  • I select books mainly from the lists from Financial Times’ Books of the Year, New York Times’ Best Sellers, McKinsey Quarterly’s ‘What CEOs Read’ and CFA Institute’s ‘Book Review Publication’ as well as from my personal preference.
  • Due to my banking/finance background, certain reviews for finance/investment books can have some technical terms and concepts.
  • To build or lead a good business, I believe we not only need certain sets of skills and knowledge but also need to be a good human being with integrity, sound judgment and philosophy. Ultimately, your outer success or achievements are built on your inner state of being as a solid foundation. So, I hope some self-help or spirituality books help you to go within. (Note, spirituality is not synonymous with religion).
  • Since I just started this website, I don’t know how far this site would go yet. But I sincerely hope I could bring value, benefit(albeit small), and inspiration to visitors to my website.


on May 4th, 2017 (updated on January 11th, 2018)

Seoul, Singapore and Paris

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