Do ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do’ on New Year’s Day set the tone for the whole year? What’s your thought? The more conscious I become on what I think, what I do and how I spend time in every passing year, it seems the more I tend to think and act consciously.

After the New Year Party was over on the early hour of January 1st, 2018, I spent my whole new year morning reading a book until the sun rise. I just couldn’t and didn’t want to go to sleep, I think. But to confess, I’ve never started the first day of the year this way.

Back to the question I posed, if what I do on the first day of the new year defines my whole new year, what can my new year be? I am getting very curious. If this year turns out to be very rewarding in the end in my personal measure, I may make this a new habit or a #ritual.

This also led me to contemplate on my annual rituals. Yes, they are related with books: What else can it be for a book nerd? I always open my new year with at least any one of #selfhelp, #selfdevelopment, or #spirituality books. This ritual has been with me for some while, and I can’t really describe the benefits enough. One thing I can clearly tell is after finishing any of those books in early months of the year, I tend to meet important people in my life and be exposed to necessary experiences for my personal growth. Calmness of mind played a role, maybe?

So this is the reason why I go on book hunting before the new year starts. This year, I chose one self-development, one #philosophy and one #psychology book and I decided to start with The Daily Stoic. Instead of finishing at one goal, I decided to make a journey every day for daily wisdom.

Regarding this book…. From the first page, I have to say I found myself very surprised. Why this familiarity? I don’t know where this familiar feeling comes from but I feel like I have known these stoic wisdom for a long time as if they were within me. Maybe I have been reading many self-help books? Maybe I have been exposed so many times elsewhere without knowing it? I may find the answer only at the year-end when I close this book. Anyways, one thing for sure is, this book will help me how to navigate well the journey called life let alone confirming my belief and philosophy on life. Also, this may lead to pick up some Greek philosophers’ works down the line.

Does any of you have a similar experience? A feeling of knowing from a new book? Share with me!



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