In my previous post, I have wrapped up my 2017 readings. Then what’s my selection for 2018?

This year’s selection is humble, I would say. I found that I frequently add up any intriguing subjects during the year, so this time I decided to start small. And I still have amazing books unfinished that are waiting for me.

So, total seven books to start this year: Three self-help related books (One philosophy, one psychology and one strategy), one self-development, one investment and autobiography, one technology and biography and lastly one history.

Last year, Jim Rogers’ Street Smarts, written in easy language, touched my heart in personal ways. Also, investment-wise, I got to know more about his insights on commodities as well as about The Quantum Fund in its early years. This year, I anticipate the same good feeling and valuable insights from Ray Dalio’s autobiography, Principles.

I will have to add up a few finance and economics books down the line, though. Luckily, last year, through Mauboussin, I somehow managed to learn much about the behavioral economics which was my key interest.

What’s your new year’s reading goal? Do you have any good recommendations for me, too? I would be happy to hear from you!



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