Essay | Professor Mauboussin’s Book Shelf

Maub bookshelf

(photo by @mjmauboussin, twitter)

My favorite author, Professor Mauboussin’s bookshelf at Columbia Business School. He is teaching Security Analysis course for straight 26 years! I should have known him and his books much much earlier! Will they offer me a chance to attend his class? 🙂

Note, Jim Rogers also taught an Investment course in this school after he retired from his career at the Quantum Fund in 1980’s. The course must have been rigorous assuming from his description in his book Street Smarts.

Who else? Warren Buffet(class 51) attended here and encountered Professor Benjamin Graham who profoundly influenced Buffet for his value investing!

Dear Finance and Investment gurus out there! What book do you notice from his bookshelf and what do you want to recommend to me? Look forward to hearing from you!



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