What’s the definition of ‘leadership?’ The single reason why I chose this book –  The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma – from my favorite bookstore in Singapore several years ago, was because of the phrase ‘who had no title.’ I loved this idea so much.

The notion of a leader or leadership somehow seems to be related with ‘a follower.’ But, if we contemplate longer on it, we find the concept of a ‘leader’ or ‘leading’ doesn’t necessarily have to involve the other party. Nor is it to be related with a notion of entitlement or authority toward another person.

Since leadership is about serving, it can be applied to a single individual. Isn’t it you (us) who leads your(our) life? Do you decide and lead your own life? Or are you led by circumstances imposed on you? Here comes why it’s important to think about leadership in individual terms. By leading life by your initiatives, decisions and choices without compromise, you are doing yourself a service. You are leading yourself by serving your core essence.

Then what does it mean by ‘serving your core essence?’ It’s Self-Mastery. Integrity. No excuses. Empowering yourself. Being the best version of yourself. No circumstances or no other persons dictating you or your life. And what’s getting more significant at this point is you are helping other people or your world by being a leader of your own life in your own terms.

When you become your best version of yourself, you help your world that surrounds you become the better version to live in. As Adam Smith mentioned in his philosophy book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (as I introduced in the book review on ‘How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life’ by Russ Roberts), every individual’s contribution collectively have an aggregate impact(using economics jargon) and that’s amazing!

What’s your thought on leading your life? Or being a leader with no title? Where would you start first? For me, as my blog’s title suggests, I am leading my life by reading! And I believe I am serving my core essence this way! And I hope I serve readers and the world!



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