I have been filling up my journal with mantras and good quotes that can help me navigate the new year with new attitude with different themes. Yes, this is part of my new year rituals. : )

The first was “Either You Run The Day, Or The Day Runs You.” My all time favorite mantra has been “Either You Run Your Mind, Or Your Mind Runs You.” So when I first came upon this phrase, I loved it!

The third was ‘Easy Does It.’ One time, during a good and encouraging conversation with my Instagram friend, he mentioned me as a perfectionist (in a positive way). And I was surprised, because he was not the first person to use the term to describe me… How did he know?

For me, the perfectionism is rather about ‘attitude’ than ‘outcome.’ So here comes the point, ‘what’s the use if it’s not for the outcome?’

The common symptom we experience from this perfectionism, or the attitude to be perfect in whatever endeavor, is our body becomes tense. Due to the single focus, nothing around us really comes to our attention. And sometimes it hurts.

So this year, I decided to be easy. Easy to myself and easy to any endeavor. And coincidently, as if the universe confirms to my new attitude, I came upon this page from the old book which I re-read early this year, the wisdom of which I must have forgotten during the course, and which I’ve introduced to you.

So, I will let it flow, whatever that is. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the process. But with the good and happy feeling about the process and result.

What are your mantras or favorite quotes for the new year?



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