Essay | Have You Heard of a Leader Who Had No Title?


What’s a leader?  To lead, what quality do you need? If you are a follower, what quality do you expect from a leader? Yes, I can hear your answers. We have certain qualities in mind that are somehow traditional and never changing. But do followers always have to ‘have‘ a leader? Or do we always have to be either a follower or a leader?

The young business and motivational coach Robin Sharma is giving an answer on this question. Well actually, for me what he says in his book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ was quite a familiar concept. And I am sure you too will think ‘Well, this sounds familiar?!’  We all are somehow a leader in our own life, aren’t we?  Empower yourself without hesitation. This is what so called ‘the passion’ in every endeavour. Think about an organization whose every employee is full of passion and initiatives.  This is it. It’s a winning formula for both the organization who needs capable employees and the individuals who need a nurturing workplace to build up their full potential.

The format of this book is not like a lecture or a prose. It’s rather conversations between me and a few people whom ‘me’ gets to know and learns about along various situations. As Robin Sharma puts it on the book cover, it’s a fable. So let me(Jay not the author) briefly go through his messages.

Chapter 1. Leadership and Success Are Your Birthright.

Chapter 2. My Meeting with a Leadership Mentor

Chapter 3. The Sad Costs of Mediocrity and the Spectacular Rewards of Leadership Mastery

Chapter 4. The First Leadership Conversation: You Need No Title to Be a Leader

Chapter 5. The Second Leadership Conversation: Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders

Chapter 6. The Third Leadership Conversation: The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership

Chapter 7. The Fourth Leadership Conversation: To Be a Great Leader, First Become a Great Person

Chapter 8. Conclusion


The 1st Leadership Conversation’s 5 rules: IMAGE (Imagine/Mastery/Authenticity/Guts/Ethics)

The 2nd Leadership Conversation’s 5 rules: SPARK (Speak with Candor/Prioritize/Adversity Breeds Opportunity/Respond versus React/Kudos for Everyone)

The 3rd Leadership Conversation’s 5 rules: HUMAN (Helpfulness/Understanding/Mingle/Amuse/Nurture)

The 4th Leadership Conversation’s 5 rules: SHINE (See Clearly/Health is Wealth/Inspiration Matters/Neglect Not Your Family/Elevate Your Lifestyle)


What I have felt while reading a few of his other books and following his blog is his continuous emphasis on ‘Mastery.’ Mastery is only possible when we never compromise with Mediocrity. Then, the leader who had no title will mean the leader who achieved ‘the Self-Mastery.’ It naturally means he/she doesn’t need a title at all.

How’s your self-mastery? My new year’s mantra is ‘Never Compromise.’  Mediocrity leads us to nowhere. How do you think?


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